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Okay, i just read the forum on the blogskins.com , now i think i'm in deep shit trouble? So, i'm waiting for replies now and then. And i hope it don't go wrongly. Shitzxc. If this thing go seriously shit wrong, i might think of closing it down, to prevent any misunderstandings. If this go positive, i might wanna ask from the owner from now on for their permission and all.....

○ http://www.blogskins.com/forum/1/249098/

I was really surprised and kinda nervous when I saw that comment. I realized that we, "stock" icon makers, have been violating copyright rules ever since we edited the original photographs of the people from Flickr. The comment was really uncalled-for since I'm one of the very few people who actually credit the exact Flickr pages I got the stock images from, and there are loads of icon makers who credit Tumblr, a Flickr user's Fave page, etc. where they get the stock.

"What? I got my images from Tumblr so I don't have anything to do with this!" -- actually I'd say 90% of the stock images you use at Tumblr come from Flickr so you have something to do with this. Either way, not all websites/blogs/whatever that have photographs in it allow people to redistribute nor create works derived from the original art.

This is a very important thing we icon makers AND stock icon users need to understand, and I need your opinions on this. Personally I'd say that we just need to tell the users to credit the photographers, or Flickr users as much as possible. But still, we are still violating copyright laws... :S

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